Why Pastured?

What to expect when you eat Pasture Perfect meat

  • Flavor – It should compare to the full-bodied taste of fresh-squeezed orange juice versus Kool-Aid.
  • Satisfaction – Those micro-nutrients cue your body that you have met your needs. You eat less and feel full sooner.
  • Savings – A higher initial cost evens out in the end. Our meat is not filled with water, so will lose little weight when cooked. You receive more nutrition in each bite, and certainly more flavor!
  • Lower Calories – Pasture-raised meat is naturally lean, meaning more flavor and fewer calories per serving.
  • Bite – Pastured meat is dense! Very tender and moist, it also requires you to sink your teeth in and chew, because there is structure to this muscle.
  • Nutrient Dense – Green grass and daily sunshine mean pasture-raised meats are loaded with healthy fats. They offer a natural source of Vitamins D and E, and Omega 3. These are nearly impossible to find in confinement-raised meat receiving special feeds.

Nearly two generations of today’s society have no family with farms.

Farmers today comprise only 1% of the population. To be able to make a living, they have to raise a lot of animals in a small space. The animals are kept in a confined setting, barring contact from humans, the land, and fresh air and sunshine to avoid pathogens and make feeding and monitoring easier. And it means the farmer must sell to the market for little, and often no, profit.

These animals are comfortable in a climate-controlled, hopefully clean and uncrowded building, but the meat they provide us has little to no flavour. The fats lack crucial vitamins for healthy nutrition. Chicken literally doesn’t even taste like chicken anymore! It is the same difference you will find in fresh-baked versus commercial bread, or garden versus hot house tomatoes.

Defining “Pasture Perfect”!

Pasture-raised animals are free to live in the sunshine and fresh air. They find their food by naturally grazing, and they enrich the soil as they move across the land.

Animals kept on pasture thrive, requiring no antibiotics to maintain their health. They metabolize micro-nutrients from living off the land, and digging or scratching in the soil. Micro-nutrients become part of their meat, and as a result, are available to us as consumers. With no stress, the meat is also very tender.

As a child, my father often reminded me that good meat only needs salt and pepper to taste good. After 20 years of eating commercially-raised meat, I was happy to find he was right, with the first bite of my own farm-raised chicken.

Chicken should taste like chicken, beef like beef, pork like pork…

If I put three plates of supermarket meat in front of you, all cooked with no seasonings, and told you to close your eyes and tell me what type of meat you are eating, it will be very hard to discern what is in your mouth. The flavor is no longer there. Would you look forward to eating an apple or peach with no apple or peach flavor?

With pasture-perfect, grass-fed meat? You know instantly.

It turns out your body knows as well. It is stunning how many of our Stone Horse Farm customers will say they cannot eat pork, or even chicken, because it makes them ill. Just about every time, barring severe allergies, they will try our pasture-raised meats and discover their body is at ease with their selection.

Put quality back in your meals with our Pasture Perfect meat!

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