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Ready to jump on the pasture-raised bandwagon, but don’t know how to start? Enjoy the journey!

#1 Find a Farm

If you are not convenient to our farm, please support the pasture-raised farms near you. You can find a convenient list of them here:

#2 See it to Believe it

When you find a farm you think will work for you, go visit it to make sure they are good for their word. Pack your rubber boots and go see if you can find these things:

  • Can you physically see their animals out on green pasture? Is the grass at least ankle deep, and not brown stubble?
  • In the winter, do they still have access to the outdoors, and a big pile of hay (dried grass) to maintain the leafy greens in their diet?
  • Do the animals have a shine to their coats? Or are they dirty and unkempt? Are their legs caked in mud and manure, or relatively clean (all will walk through some mud in the course of their day depending on weather)?
  • Do they approach you by their fence, or look up from their grazing, showing curiosity and activity?

Most farms will request you DO NOT pet or go in with the animals. This could not only be dangerous to you, it can introduce infectious bacteria, especially if you have visited other farms. In addition, these are not pets, but naturally-raised livestock, and they can be very dangerous to people who do not understand their habits. Please respect each farm’s boundaries and instructions. This is their living, and they must protect that first.

#3 Start Small

If your chosen farm is able to sell a few small packages of meat, purchase some to see how you like it before you buy a full-size bundle or a whole side of meat. If you have not had naturally raised meat before, the difference in flavor and consistency may take getting used to.

#4 Take Your Pick

Is pastured prime rib out of your budget? Pasture-raised meat WILL cost more due to the time and extra cost it requires to the farmer. If your family is on a tight budget, learn how to utilize the inexpensive (and incredibly nutritious!) cuts, like broth bones and joint cuts, to get the maximum nutrition and flavor back in your diet while keeping it in your budget.

#5 Learn the Lingo

Take ownership of your food purchases by becoming fully aware of the benefits it gives you. There is an abundance of websites to teach you, but we highly recommend the following site. Each link on their home menu offers an impressive amount of information.

Put quality back in your meals with our Pasture Perfect meat!

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